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Church House Home Group FB Event

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Looking forward to seeing the Power of God move as we gather for a very special time of sharing, learning and ministry!

Money Miracle Event and Leader Training

Thursday, September 27th 6pm through to Monday, October 1st 6pm

Information, registration and specifics for this international experience is available from Sam at or 250-592-0457

Better Banking - A MoneyMinding Academy Training

Saturday, September 8th 10am - 5pm

More information at Register for this preview event offered by donation by contacting Sam at or calling 250-592-0457.

Redeeming Hope (Chapel)

An invitation for anyone who was connected to the original Hope Chapel or Christian School on the property to a time of food, fellowship and sharing as the rebuilding and restoration process begins with new hope for release from the darkness, and the favour God promises in Isaiah 61.

Sunday, July 22nd from 2-4pm


Better Banking: A MoneyMinding Academy Preview Event

Information at and registration for the special 'by donation' live event by calling Sam at 250-592-0457.

Saturday, August 11th from 10am to 5pm.

The Inaugural MoneyMinding Academy Training

For the record,... on Saturday, July 7th a small group gathered at the Church House, in the middle of the de-construction and boxes for a special preview training of the Better Banking Course. The people came from the coast, the prairies and around the block to begin to experience the blessings from the Church House.

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