Mission Statement

The Church House / Meeting Centre is being established as a school for MoneyMinding for Financial Grace. From here we will serve the local community, provide onsite courses, and broadcast training and programs to wherever the Spirit leads.

Our Story

The vision has always been to teach the financial freedom mindset and essential financial knowledge to help you live beyond financial bondage through the application of the financial tools available to connect to the principles and promises of the Word of God.

Meet Joe and Sam

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Sam Piercy, CFP

Author, Trainer, Ambassador for Financial Freedom Through Christ

I am the author of the MoneyMinding for Financial Grace programs and materials. I have a professional finance background, but devote my time to educating, consulting, coaching and counselling clients, ministry leaders, and Christian Financial Professionals on financial systems to build and protect income for today and future generations!


Joe Piercy

Chef, Landscaper, Renovator, Handyman, Visionary, Servant Leader

Joe is the head renovator of the Church House in Lumby, BC bringing a 15+ year vision into reality under the power of the Holy Spirit. Joe and Sam refused to give up on the dream God was birthing in them for a piece of land to develop as their home and community ministry centre. During this time, Joe worked hard giving gardens and homes new life for his clients in Victoria and the lower mainland of BC, and now looks forward to doing the same with the Church House.