Lumby, British Columbia

That is where we are!

After much prayer and contemplation about where to look for our next home, God told us to go back to our roots.

I (Sam), knew that was Vernon, BC but to my surprise, I found that I have ancestors who lived and worked in Lumby as far back as the late 1800's!

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Rolling Up our Sleeves to Rebuild!

The church we bought was unfortunately neglected for many years. We knew God brought us here for rebuilding, however from some verses in Isaiah 61 that was part of our prayer journey. He's been building a vision in us for over 15 years and we know that with His help the buildings and property will be brought back to Life!

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Come Visit Us!

The Church House is our home, but God has given us a vision for thriving communities - both near and far! We anticipate hosting special ministry gatherings, teaching and family events as the buildings and land are restored and landscaped. Even during the renovations there is training for the MoneyMinding Academy for Financial Grace, for leadership training, marriage renewal events, bible studies, worship, and prayer!

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Watch the progress and share the vision!

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Our desire is to inspire, encourage and empower you to continue to search for and believe in your dreams, even when all circumstances seem impossible.

The vision for the Church House has grown in our heart from the beginning of our marriage, and through patience and faith in God He has seen us through great loss, stress, and struggle, and blessed us beyond anything we could imagine as we have surrendered our hopes and dreams - and current bills to Him. He has tasked me (Sam) to raise up ambassadors for his kingdom, and equip them with the tools, and strategies to build and protect income according to His plans and purposes for finances today!

We invite you to join us in the process of transformation from desolate, run-down church, to home and garden adorned with all the vintage treasures God has brought into our life as we waited and prayed for the location of the renovation project we knew He had for us! Thank you for stopping by and joining us in the grand adventure!

Abundant blessings,

Joe and Sam


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